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How to Select LED waterproof power supply

LED waterproof power supply is one type of LED drive power, which is the voltage converter converting the power supply to a particular voltage and current to drive LED light. LED drive power input usually includes high frequency AC (i.e., electricity), low-voltage DC, high voltage DC, and low voltage high frequency AC (such as electronic transformer output). While the LED drive power output is mostly in accordance with the change of LED forward voltage and then changes the constant current source of voltage. Features of power supply: Its difference from general LED drive power is waterproof resistant. According to different requirements,it can be designed to different ranks of waterproof and dustproof, such as IP66, IP67, IP68. Among which IP68 can be completely submerged in water.

How to Select LED waterproof power supply? According to special requirements of the electricity grid rules and the LED drive power, the following points should be taken into consideration when choosing and designing LED drive power:

1. High reliability. Like LED drive power lights, mounted on high-altitude, inconvenient maintenance and large maintenance cost.

2. High efficiency. LED product is energy-saving product and it needs high drive power efficiency. It is particularly important for the structure of power supply inside the light. Because the LED luminous efficiency decreases as the LED temperature increases, the LED heat emission is very important. High power efficiency, low power consumption and low heat inside the light will reduce the lamp temperature. It is good for delaying LED light failing.

3. High power. Power factor is the requirement of power for load.
Generally there is no mandatory targets for electrical appliances with lower than 70 watts. Although a single electrical appliance with lower power has little effect on the grid, at night when lights light up, the similar load are too concentrated and they will produce serious pollution on the grid. It is said in the near future there may be some certainindicators for power factor of 30 - 40 watts LED drive power.

4. Drive approach. Two common approaches: one approach is a constant voltage source for multiple constant current sources, and each constant current source  supplies power for each LED separately. One LED failure will not affect the other LEDs’ work because of those flexible combinations, but the cost will
 be slightly higher. The other approach is the direct constant current power supply; LED operates in series or parallel. Its advantage is lower cost, but
the flexibility is poor and it needs to resolve one fault LED so as not to affect other LEDs’ operation. These two forms can co-exist during a period of time.
Multi-channel constant current output power supply is better in cost and performance and it perhaps will be the mainstream in future.

5. Surge protection. The LED anti-surge capacity is relatively poor, especially the anti-reverse voltage capability. Strengthening this protection is also very important.Some LED lights are installed outdoor, such as LED lights. Because of the network load start and lightning sensors will invade a variety of surge through the grid system;some surge will do damage to the LED. Therefore LED driver power supply should inhibit surge invasion so as to protect the LED from damage.

6. Protection. Besides the conventional power protection, increasing LED temperature negative feedback in the constant current output can prevent ultra high LED temperature

7. Protection factors. For light installed outside, the power structure should be waterproof, moisture-proof and its shell should be sun-proof.

8. Life of drive power should match life of LED.

9. Comply with the requirements of safety regulations and electromagnetic compatibility.

With the increasingly widespread application of LED, the performance of LED drive power will be more suited to the requirements of LED.

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