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How to calculate the installation costs of LED strip?

        led strip get its name because its shape like a band, it is to assemble the leds onto banded FPC(Flexible Printed Circuit) or PCB hard board. With long lifespan (normal span:80000 ~100000 hours) and green initiative, it gradually cut a figure in all sorts of decoration industry. LED strips are mainly used for decoration. Because of led strip is not very understanding, many clients will miss some link in the calculation of the project and increase some unnecessary costs. The following is to share how to calculate the installation costs of LED strip:

        1,led Quantity
        According to project, calculate the required led quantity. Here please note that each group of 3 LEDs can be cut out as a regular segment, generally the length of each group is 50mm for 60leds/m strip, 100mm for 30leds/m strip. After you understand these, you can figure out the actual needs of led quantity according to the construction design drawings. In general, reserving about one meter spare length is enough, in order to avoid wasting of resources caused by excessive purchasing.

        2,Power Supply

        Because the strips purchased have no power, so after you calculated the strips' length, you need calculate the power needed, and then choose matching power supply. A different strip has a different power consumption, so we should choose suitable power supply carefully. Below is a list of led strips' consumption: 

        0603 led strip:12V,60leds/m,consumption 3.6W/m
        1210 led strip:12V,60leds/m,consumption 4.8W/m
        5050 led strip:12V,30leds/m,consumption 7.2W/m
        5050 led strip:12V,60leds/m,consumption 14.4W/m
       For example, if you purchase 5050 strips, the suitable power supply is 12V, 4A, and one power can only supply 6 meters length. Because 5050 strips' power consumption is 7.2W/m, 6 meters has a total of 43.2W consumption, but power supply's rated powerof is 48 W. Generally does not recommend full load, because that way will affect the power's lifespan, recommended to use 95% of the power rated consumption. If you need 100m length, that need at least 16 pieces of 4A power supply.


         For RGB led strip, it must be equipped with controllers to achieve the effects. A controller can control strips from 5 meters to 20 meters length, based on the specifications of controllers. So after you purchased RGB strips, you need to purchase another controllers according to the controlled length, or purchase another RGB amplifier (each amplifier can extend 5 meters). Don't mistaken for a controller can achieve all the control requirements of RGB strips, that is wrong point.

         For example, if you purchased 100 meters RGB strips, and taken conventional controller,which can control 5 meters. Then 100 meters RGB strips need 20 pieces of RGB controller, or a RGB controller with 19 pieces of amplifier.


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