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Choose and Buy LED lamps and lanterns

1 to facilitate the principle: most people have experienced the embarrassment of replacing ceiling light bulbs: stepping on the table, marching chair, head 90 degrees, carrying the arms too far to 2.5 meters high or even higher ceiling, select lighting, be sure to consider replacing the bulb easily.

2 simple principles: lighting in the room should play a finishing touch. Too complex shape, the color is too complicated, are not suitable for simple design of the room.

3, functional use of the principle functions of the different rooms, should be installed in different styles, illumination lighting. Living room should be used bright, rich and lamps; bedroom should be used in people feel the glare of lamps in bed; colorful children's room should be used in varied styles of lamps; toilet should be used in simple style waterproof lamps; easy to clean the kitchen should be selected , clean lamps; some areas require special performance can also choose to spotlight.

4, the principle of energy-saving light bulbs energy saving, good illumination, nor distribute the heat for long lamps. Energy-saving light bulbs are mostly standard screw, and the chandelier, there are two caliber, one standard, you can use energy-saving light bulbs; a non-standard, not use energy-saving light bulbs. Choose to pay attention: most non-energy-saving lighting products.

5, safety principles must choose the regular factory lighting. Regular products are marked with the total load, according to the total load, you can determine how much wattage bulbs, especially for long chandelier is most important that the first few × wattage of each bulb = total load. Another large bathroom moisture, the kitchen should use waterproof fixtures.

6, the principle of co-ordination with the room's overall style of lighting to coordinate, and the same variety of room lighting, color coordination should be maintained or style coordination. Such as wooden walls, cabinets, wood rectangular top balcony, suitable for loaded rectangular wooden lamp with iron sheet, iron pipe, rectangular glass dining tables and chairs for the hall loaded rectangular chandelier iron pipe material. On a gold cabinet door handles, gold spotlights bedroom, suitable for decoration with a golden light.

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