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    product name: LED Hurdle Light GP-HD5037
    Model : GP-HD5037
     download PDF: LED Hurdle Light GP-HD5037.pdf
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Name:LED Hurdle Light GP-HD5037





Input voltage:AC24V/ AC220V
LED number:96/108/128/144
Emission color:red/green/blue/yellow/white/orange/color changeable
Lamp Cover Materiais:PC transparent/milky white/stripe

Product description:
LED linear light is one of linear illuminations that adopt led as source,its translucent part is PC translucent tube,also can be made by forming aluminum alloy as pedestal structure,have both the softness of fluorescent light and dynamic of neon light.Controller can be done to have the effect of changing 7 colors and chasing light.Accord to the different installing ways,can compose of different changeable,images and other dynamic effects.

Product Application:
Mainly apply in outdoor advertising screen,night lighting,stage scenery,recreation ground and hotel building and other building decorative linear lighting decoration.


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